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Nightingale Doggie Lodge offers an array of services for dogs including boarding, grooming, training, day care, and pickup & delivery.  Our facility is over 2,400 square feet, providing dogs with plenty of space to exercise and rest their paws!

Providing Dog Boarding, Grooming and Training Services to the Greater Boston and South Shore areas of Massachusetts

Including the towns of Bridgewater, Carver, Lakeville, Middleboro, Plymouth, Taunton, and Wareham.

Dog Training

Nightingale Doggie Lodge offers several training programs for you and your dog.  Our two primary trainers have over 30 years of experience training dogs for Police Departments, private security companies, and private individuals. Below, we've outlined our training programs and provided a brief description of each program. Typically, we conduct weekly training sessions for one hour in duration.  For your convenience, training can be scheduled while your dog boards at our facility!  
For more information regarding our training programs or to schedule a free evaluation today, email us at or call us at 508.946.1870.

Dog Training Programs

Basic Obedience (on lead) - This training program is held at our facility and teaches your dog the 5 basic commands: heel, sit, stay, down, and come when called.  This program is six weeks long, with an hour session each week (six session total).  This program requires the attendance of those who will be handling the dog on a regular basis. After each session, you must go over the information covered in the previous session at least once a day (twice a day is preferred) with your dog.  Upon return for the next class, a review of the previous session will be conducted before moving on to new material. Extra time is built in to this program to work on any problem areas that your dog might encounter. 
Cost: $50.00/session ($300.00 total)

Advanced Obedience (off lead) - This training program will teach your dog to follow your commands off lead (off the leash) through the use of hand signals.  Therefore, your dog must have taken a basic obedience training program in order to enroll in this program.  The format and requirements of the basic obedience program also apply to the advanced obedience program.  Just like the basic obedience training program, this training program is held at our facility, is six weeks long, and each session is one hour long.  Cost: $50.00/session ($300.00 total)

Personal Protection & Property Protection - Personal protection and property protection are two, separate courses that teach different skill sets, but share many of the same requirements.  Prior to your dog taking this course, we conduct an hour meeting (can be done over the phone) with you to understand your specific needs.  Like the advanced obedience program, these two training programs must be preceded by a basic obedience program.  These training programs require daily sessions for approximately six weeks.  Therefore, it is strongly preferred that customers board their dog at our facility while in training.  For the property protection program, it may be necessary to conduct follow up lessons at the actual property location.   Cost: Based on Specific Needs. Call or email to inquire

Dog Training for obedience and k9 security training

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